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Z Artist Spotlight

Welcome to Z Artist Spotlight page, a visual art page featuring a new collection of visual work(s) each month. Work will include pieces of all visual media types from paintings to pottery to photography to computer graphics. Watch for submission calls on Craigslist, Google+ and also on ZATDC Promotions page here at ZArtTonesDotCom.

During October 2015, view a third piece from each of four artists–Lui Taf, Ashley Wade, David Baumgartner and Kyle Brouwer who continue to prove they have a creative and productive life of their own. Scroll to find detail and contact information for each artist.

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September 2015

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August 2015

Due to the response in July, the work of four artist/painters will be featured here during August, September and October 2015–one piece per artist each month.

Details about each artist appear below the artwork displayed here:

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Artist 1 – Ashley Wade – “Dino and Little Winged Friend” (oil on canvas)–Ashley’s oil paintings lend themselves to story book themes. She is a tattoo artist in Phoenix, AZ. Find more of her work on Etsy, and (@noomx). Ashley also accepts sketch‬ and ‪‎oil painting‬ commissions. Send inquiries to

Artist 2 – Lui Taf – “Stairway to the Sky” (wall mural painting) – actual image includes a starburst at the top of the stairway–Lui works on several surfaces in and around Phoenix, AZ. Give Lui a door, an idea, paint and a price, and hire him to create a beautiful birthday gift for someone you love. See more of Lui’s paintings at Google Plus – lui taf – Photos.

Artist 3 – David Baumgartner – “Reflection” (four-panel painting) – actual image is wider and includes palm trees–David is an all-around artist/craftsman who creates unique, four and five-panel paintings beginning with hand-cut, hand-ground metal. See more of David’s custom craftwork at

Artist 4 – Kyle Brouwer – “Passage” (oil on canvas)–This image file will be upgraded to include more detail. Kyle is a traditional painter out of Tempe, AZ who also works with charcoal. See more of Kyle’s work at


July 2015

Joshua Redwine (J.A. Redwine) is the featured artist, photographer during July of 2015 on Z Artist Spotlight page here at ZArtTonesDotCom. This month’s theme is landscape photography–specifically land and water. Joshua’s photography is wide ranging, including themes such as city streets. Joshua is also a freelance writer and poet. His book,The Satchel of Dreams” was published May 27th, 2012.

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See more of Joshua’s work at the following links: and


The artwork of Andrea Fairservice is featured as of September 17, 2014. Read Andrea’s interview on Z Art Blog page here at Z Art Tones Dot Com.


pen and ink by Andrea Fairservice

mixed media ram by Andrea Fairservice

mixed media ram by Andrea Fairservice

watercolor crystals by Andrea Fairservice

water color crystals by Andrea Fairservice


The first collection of visual artwork appears here as of May 30, 2014. Images of the pieces follow the written details about the artist and the artwork.

Featured Artist: RRam                                                                                                                     Time Period of Artwork: 1980 through 1982

The first, Z Artist Spotlight collection of visual art features the vintage work of RRam. This artwork was created from approximately late 1979 through the first half of 1982. RRam was in high school at that time and took a Commercial Art and Design class, considering Commercial Art as a career.

During that time, there were few computers in the United States plains schools and only one or two computer classes offered. These early high school computer classes were programming–non-art creation classes, as computer graphics was still a very new concept. Only a few artists were experimenting with computer graphics during the decade of the 1970’s.

The following five visual art pieces by RRam appear on Z Artist Spotlight page at as of May 30, 2014:

“Saturday Night Repeat” by RRam (carved print work) circa 1980

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“Shoes and Hats” by RRam (still life drawing) circa 1981

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“Living Room” by RRam (water color) circa 1982 (This piece includes fountain pen ink lines on the plastic covering.)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“Ammo on Ice” by RRam (mixed media—drawing and paper cutout) circa 1982

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“Parasites” by RRam (mixed media—drawing, acrylic painting, paper cutout) unknown circa, likely 1980

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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